Database Usage Summary

The main function of this database is searching. Following steps will tell you how to use this database quickly.

1. Global search

In this part, users could search any key words, like disease name "heart failure" or name of any noncoding RNA like "H19". After inputting key words, just click the "Submit" button, users can see the search results immediately.

2. Detailed search

In detailed search, users can get precise results by limiting in three fields: species, disease and types of ncRNA.

At first, users can choose interested species from the list.

Then, users could choose one disease they would like to study.

Finally, by choosing the exact noncoding type and clicking "submit" button, search results of detailed search will be returned.

3. Deal with search result

If users click one column name, all search results will be ordered by it. In addition, we also add the search module on the top of search results table (marked by red circle), which will help users to find target information quickly. Details about each item can be found by clicking 'Details' button.

4. Data rating

We rated all items into three grades: definite associations, possible associations and predicted associations. The Table below shows the criterion of rating.

rating criterion sources
definite associations methods include experimental validation like PCR, western blot, luciferase assay, etc articles, miR2disease, HMDD, lncRNAdisesae(part)
possible associations methods only include microarray analysis, high-throughput sequencing, and genome-wide association study(GWAS) lncRNAdisesae(part), GEO
predicted associations predicted unannotated novel ncRNAs GEO

HDncRNA - Heart Diseases related Noncoding RNA Database

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